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Louise Yang's Daughter's & Son's Wedding Album

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69年文科班楊惠馨同學與夫婿Gilbert今年雙喜臨門,他們的大公子Lionel和二千金Anne-Astrid 先後在20125月和7月共偕連理。兩個月之間喜獲賢慧媳婦及乘龍快婿的楊惠馨,將兩對新人結婚的幸福照片登在網上與大家分享。












Anne-Astrid Sbastien 志同道合,情深意長,白頭偕老。



在離開巴黎30多公里舉辦喜宴的古堡前,Anne-Astrid Sbastien一對新人與父母兄嫂及侄兒拍照留念。



楊惠馨的女兒Anne-Astrid Sbastien 譜下愛情之曲,締結良緣。



啟智69年班同學徐硯竹 (左站者) 在遊覽羅馬之後,趕到巴黎參加楊惠馨女兒的婚禮後,還出席喜宴。







The Wedding


You by my side, that's how I see us.

I close my eyes and I can see us.

We're on our way to say I do.

My secret dreams have all come true.


I see the church, I see the people.

Your folks and mine happy and smiling.

And I can hear sweet voices singing

Ave Maria.


Oh, my love, my love,

This can really be.

That someday you'll walk down the aisle with me.

Let it be, make it be

That I'm the one for you.

I'll be yours, all yours,

Now and forever.


I see us now, your hand in my hand

This is the hour, this is the moment

And I can hear sweet voices singing

Ave Maria

Ave Maria

Ave Maria












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