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Posted on Feb 28, 2012



On Graduation Day - April 1, 1972
Back row: 蔡建明, 歐陽仕,呂華,馮廣雄,施穎釗,莫振雄,劉雀樑.
Front row: 陳敬清, 葉芬, 畢銀友, 葉金玲,周麗嫦, 廖雪美, 梁倩兒, 林楣楣



On Graduation Day - April 1, 1972



鄭小玲, 陳敬清 (1972 or 1973)


Posted on Feb 18, 2012




Posted on Dec 15, 2011

These pictures were taken during a visit to VN in November of 2011. 葉芬 came from U.S., 張國生from France, 蔡建明 from Australia.

Pictures were provided by Jennifer Johnson of 72 Literature Class.



曾志明 (葉芬's husband)葉芬、倫楚芬、張國生、蔡建明 and his wife, Helen



立者:Helen、蔡建明、曾志明、葉芬。坐者:歐陽仕's wife、his daughter、歐陽仕 (VN)、符偉民 's wife、符偉民 (VN)、張國生、倫楚芬 (VN)



立者:蔡建明、歐陽仕 (VN)、符偉民 (VN)。坐者:張國生、曾志明、葉芬、倫楚芬 (VN) 。



立者:蔡建明、歐陽仕 (VN)、符偉民 (VN)。坐者:張國生、曾志明、葉芬、倫楚芬 (VN) 。



蔡建明、張國生、葉芬、歐陽仕 懾於母校啓智校舍前。







#1 前排:馮玲麥少顏李樹賢莫曼斉。後排:馮玲的妹妹、廖雪美潘麗芳、XXX、 柯錦珍夏榮光





























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