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Cao Ky Linh, who graduated from KT elementary in 1969, should belong to class 1974 if he had attended KT high school. Below are precious individual photos of his elementary classmates he has been keeping over years. enclosed is the email he posted on the KT web.


Hello Tyrone Vuong 王永健,

My Name is Cao Ky Linh. I graduated Elementary at year 1969. Please help post  my classmates' pics. Currently I reside at San Jose, CA. I can be reach at 408-206-1134.

Best Regards

Cao ky Linh




以下是1974年班校友所提供的姓名,也許與真實姓名不符,請來函更正,謝謝。 王永健










#1 凌明傑                                                                               #2 吳友強




#3 顯海                                                                               #4 李賢傑




#5 陳文彬                                                                                #6 XXX




#7 黃偉文                                                                               #8 潘志德




#9 黃國華                                                                                #10 陳仲湄




#11 林豪                                                                                  #12 張慶義







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