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Greeting from the KT Alumni Association 啓智校友會 Dec 12, 2010




Greeting from the KT web 啓智網站 Dec 12, 2010




Greeting from Tyrone Vuong 王永健(69年理科)Dec 12, 2010




Greeting from James Pi 畢日勝(66年理科)Dec 12, 2010





Greeting from Catherine Tran 陳淑萍(69年文科)Dec 12, 2010


Dear All, 

Christmas! During this festival, nothing is happier than to celebrate with our love ones. 

Christmas! The synonym for full of emotion and laugh reunion of every family, while the hearts repose peacefully & warmly.

Christmas! Wish to bring you the splendid souvenir, evoke the thousands of joyful memories.

May your Christmas & the New Year of 2011 brimming with felicity, gentleness, tranquillity, prosperity& healthiness, all your great planning will be fulfilled .













Greeting from Derek Tran 陳治國(68年文科) Dec 14, 2010


Greeting from Ralph & Rosa Chern 陳國城 & 張蕙芬(69年文科) Dec 15, 2010




Greeting from Weyman Ng 吳小明(76年畢業生) Dec 16, 2010




Greeting from Jimmy Dam 譚顯江(71年畢業生) Dec 19, 2010




Greeting from Dan Ha 何國雄(67年畢業生) Dec 19, 2010




Greeting from Rose & Alex Mack  彭世環(69年 文科) Dec 22, 2010











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